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A megamod by TecnoBacon, based on NS, DMX, AMK and a host of others -- for S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of Chernobyl

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Jan 09, 2017
TECNOBACON.COM For all the latest Stalkersoup files and information.

109988 WEAPON UPDATES by rapy86

May 24, 2015
Rapy86 updated my weapon settings for 109988. This should stay functional until TB changes the weapon config system. To install, extract into your STALKER\gamedata\config directory. It is the folder weapons without any subfolders.
NOTE: I've not tested it because I am still on 109934. Please contact rapy86 through the Steam forum for support.
Download 109988 weapons

THE 109934 Experience

Feb 06, 2015
You'll need the 109920 DB files, or 109925 if you have them (see near bottom of this page).

Apply DB patches download here.

Apply bare gamedata download here.

Apply fix 1 download here.

Apply fix 2 download here.

Apply Weapons Update download here. Check the included readme.txt for changes.

Apply dialog updates. Download it here and put it in \gamedata\config\text\eng\

Inventory loadouts download here.

SCOPES by Christopher Thompson

Dec 10, 2014
Scopes at 16:9 ratio download
Scopes at 16:10 ratio download


Sep 03, 2014
pppnoy has merged my weapon edits into a 109960 compatible format. You can download here..


Mar 13, 2014


Mar 08, 2014
Many months since last update have passed. I am still on 109934 fix 2. 109940 looks to be getting close to playable. There were a lot of oversights in the testing that led to a release which was buggy and not really test-worthy. Downside of a one-man-band.
Weapons are still a pain in the rear for many players. They find shotguns overpowered which makes other weapons not worth using, regardless of the ammo-type. Again, my files can help with that. Armor becomes effective against buckshot, subsonic and pistol rounds. Yet head-shots still count, download here.


Nov 09, 2013
Weapons Update uploaded. Usual link to download here. Check the included readme.txt for changes.
UPDATE TB has released a few version since my last update and the currently available is 109936. I haven't changed to this, yet, as I'm focusing on other projects: ARMA 2 stalker mod, and a stalker-themed novel called, "Origins: Krovosos".
INFORMATION If you've been using my inventory files you may notice an increase in the number of ID overflow Crash To Desktop incidents. This is because there's a lot more gear in the Zone and in late game it runs out of memory for all the object IDs. Revert to Soup vanilla inventory files if this is a continual problem. Personally I remove things off the level with the Modders Tools. ESC : F5, then try the following strings : "rat_" removes all rats and rat spleens, "fracture" removes all Izlom and their hands, "9x18" removes all Makarov ammo. Another tactic is to reduce grass density. It is kind of fun but the AI aren't hampered by it so might as well turn it off, IMO.


Oct 03, 2013
Inventory: is more varied in this update. It's not fully comprehensive but does add to many more trafficked levels. Mixing up the weaponry was something else I've done and submitted to TB for inclusion. Instead of just sawn-off shotguns and Stechkin pistols for the bandits I added Pernach, AKSU and TT33 moving up to obrez Mosin-Nagant, PPsh, Kedr/Klin, and Saiga 12C. It's pretty mixed, now, with those changes. Merc's I haven't fixed yet, since they often have 300rds of .50 AE THV or 800rds of .45 ACP Hyrdo-shok - and never have reloads for their Barrett rifles - because I am yet to find their loadout control files (help appreciated).
Also did the same treatment on Dolg, Military and Freedom. Dolg are all Russian-type weaponry, Military are similar but a mix of some more modern stuff like AK104 taktik and other new AK's. Freedom tweaked back to NATO weaponry, MP5, LR300, M4, M16, L86 SAW, even Remington 700 with Glock, USP, Beretta and Sig220 pistols. Download inventory.7z.


Sep 08, 2013

TB has released 109934. If you haven't started a new game in 109932 or later then you miss out on extra sleep places, but that's all. More dynamic content, more bug fixes, and more quest fixes. Get it from the depository.

Dialogs have more updates. Download it here and put it in \gamedata\config\text\eng\

Jammer seems to have dropped out of Stalkersoup for a while. That means no easy updater for the masses.

Weapons Updates: are back. This is for 10993_3 but it ought to work for 109934 yet I have not tested. Weapon descriptions are cut back to half or less to save a incy-bit of memory by reducing string-cache requirements. It all adds up, folks. Download here.


Sep 01, 2013

With some more testing I've got some dialogue changes working again. So far only my stable_dialogs_new.xml file but that's been updated and you can download it here. Put it in \gamedata\config\text\eng

Dialogues and Weapons

Aug 16, 2013

My dialog updates, and Xoen's, are no longer compatible with Stalkersoup after version 109931_5. Over the coming weeks will try to fix the Soup's versions up.

Weapons: my weapon edits are okay with 109932+ but the xml descriptions aren't. However, most of my descriptions have been folded into Stalkersoup. The weapon descriptions are something that can be trimmed back to save precious memory space in the string cache. Instead of copy-paste Wikipedia entries just a summary would be fine.


Aug 12, 2013

Updated to 109933 fix 3 without a fuss. Tweaked my settings a lot, cranked up HDR, adjusted contrast, global illumination, color saturation and sun shafts. Game looks very nice.

Damage: been poring over the damage settings. Looks like it works in a very odd way and that all combat goes through the amk_offline_alife.script because it checks for the player who never switches offline - so it must be "live".

Mission fixes have been very good! Ivschenko spawns correctly and had the bad-psy-helmet in his inventory, too. Arhara spawned with a decent crew of support Stalkers. Dan spawns only after you take the PKM without being detected correctly. The dialogues for him may be corrected so I have to remove mine and test again. The problem is that he asks for 3 boar hooves (or other part) but requires 12. Overall experience is very smooth with the exception being lots of NPCs spawning causing stutters on inventory checking.

My YouTube Channel is pushing 8000 views so help me reach 10,000 and check it out by clicking here.


Aug 07, 2013

Still haven't updated to 109933 even at fix 2. That might be what it takes though because this patch-version has been riddled with more breaking issues that the version I'm on: 109931 fix 5. Will monitor the forums to see where the bug-fixing, hot-patching, goes. Seems to be a pattern that the first 3 patches aren't worth having and I'm sticking with at least that many.

Experiment: I've changed all the k_pierce values in all weapon files to the same value, 0.1, and have barely noticed any difference. The few things that "may" have stood out are that Flesh-pigs don't always go down in one shot and some mercs or bandit-veterans will take a few hits from a sub-gun before they go down.

There's syntactic markers in my dialog files that are showing up in TB's stuff so it's been incorporated without credit. That's okay because it doesn't matter much. Worth noting though.

New inventory system (which _dudokx_ has a version of) makes the disk access more intensive and can cause stuttering even on an SSD. Something to be wary of.


July 29, 2013

Tecnobacon has released 109933, download from his repository. This release has issues already. First is that the actor can carry 1000kg (a metric tonne). Apparently the weapon values have been fixed to all k_pierce between zero and 0.78 (which has some kind of algorithmic threshold which doubles damage if succeeded). Also updated are invulnerable quest-related NPCs so that they can only be taken out by the actor/player, and inventory update algorithm to reduce stuttering.


July 24, 2013

109932 has been released at TecnoBacon's Skydrive repository. I've not upgraded to this one because, like the last, it has a number of patch-fixes required. I'll be staying with 109931 until the Armor AND the Weapons are both fixed at the same patch level. It's just making things harder for the player to accept one without the other - and fixed weapons without fixed armor for the actor is the hardest change to accept on its own.


May 31, 2013

Over time I've been asked about my settings. Here's my full "gamedata" directory. It contains some of CrommCruac's Absolute Nature and Absolute Structures for SoC, Xoen's translations, and lots of my edits of dialog and weapons. Download Grimwalds Gamedata. This has shader settings and other stuff in it that might break your existing config so make sure you keep your existing gamedata folder (rename it to "original_gamedata" or something like that so it's easy to retrieve).

Weapon Edits for 109931 patch 5. Lots of little clean-ups and adjustments. Some fixes have a serious impact, such as the Sig552 Anaconda no longer having hit_power of 82! Others just put the correct icon on the PPsh41 and PPD-40 SMG's (they were reversed: kudos to DudokX). Check the readme.txt for Grimwalds Weapons for 109931 patch 5, download here


May 19, 2013

109931 has been released. I've taken this one on because it's fixed a few zero-day bugs. So far it's working well. AI is a bit more varied. The controller's move differently. Actor delta_update sits on 1 almost all the time - which is up to 20 times faster than previous versions on my PC.

Grimwalds Weapons is updated for 109931. download here.

Jammer's update for 109931 has been uploaded: download here.


May 09, 2013

1099230 has been released with a few things that required 2 fix patches. So we're requiring 109923 patch 2 already. Personally I've not gotten on to this version. Check TB's skydrive. Be aware you'll likely have to sign in to download anything over 10mb and this patch is 100+mb.

Gear lists need populating so factions, by rank, have varied sensible loadouts. Not sure I will have time to contribute with my AMRA2 stalker sandbox almost ready to release.

Jammer has revised his updater to the current version and patch-level. It'll be uploaded here soon as I can.


April 30, 2013

1099230 is due for relase this Wednesday. TB has had a break and got back into the dev-cycle. Spawn manager, death manager, and items are all expected to be greatly improved. Testing of the mid/late levels has been mentioned, Radar and Pripyat, which were bug-ridden messes in my experience whilst playing The Collector. Having those sorted out will be a massive performance boost: from double to ten times faster on actor update delta measurements on last report.

Jammer's Update was the unfortunate victim of latching SpyWare onto his work. The SpyWare was tracking those who downloaded his awesome updater: which you can get the 109927_fix4 version here.

Caesier's VSSK/VKS Vychlop has an model error with the barrel/silencer missing. You can see it here on my Youtube channel. _dAVROs_ is on the job to fix it.


Apr 09, 2013

BETA patch 109930 is due the 12th April according to Tecnobacon in the Steam forums. Hold on to your pants because this one fixes death_manager and frees up an order of magnitude of CPU cycles!

Grimwalds Weapons updated to 109927_4, download here. Added a new weapon that you can spawn in to use the 50AE ammo found in abundance from mid to late game. ESC, F4, enter "wpn_kriss_pro_50,1" then pick it up and test it out.

Jammer has built the updater to patch Stalkersoup DB to the current BETA version of 109927_4. You can download the EXE file here. For more information go to Jammer's Site.

Armor Edits Update: TB has identified some issues and I've put my Armor Edits project on hold until I can evaluate. _dAVROs_ will also being updating these values, particularly for LDK tweaking since the recent immunities and health overhaul softened them somewhat. They're still tough, make no mistake, as can be seen in this video.


Mar 27, 2013


Mar 12, 2013


Mar 05, 2013

NEWS - various updates

Feb 28, 2013

Photo Realistic Zone version 2 texture pack, naturalised for Stalkersoup, is available from TB's Skydrive repository. It look magnificent and makes the Zone look a bit more natural as well improving the bump mapping.

Improved grass renderer has caused some people some issues. Xoen says that no graphic setting should ever be maxed. Personally haven't tested because the grass is too obscuring of things like tarakan and tushkano. Xoen claims grass to the horizon, just like the great screenshots, which I would go for if I knew the best way to setup - still researching.

Saved game corruption has prevented me from continuing with the game I'm playing and commentating on YouTube. Instead I will get a new Collector game and "roleplay" a continuation; coming soon on my YouTube channel.

Jammer's update for 109926_1

Feb 26, 2013

Jammer has built the updater to patch Stalkersoup DB version to 109926_1. You can download the EXE file here. For more information go to Jammer's Site.

TecnoBacon has altered the ballistics engine to use k_pierce values in the damage & wound calculations. This puts the ballistics on par with CoP by using the same values; unlike CoP which has to add an extra value, k_ap. In combination with revised immunities this enhances the performance to get results more in line with what is known about external ballistics. Personally I've tested some of this with 12g darts, 9x18mm and 5.45x39mm ammo in game. It works pretty close to how I expect on TERRA. With my edits it works even better - download them here, 109926 & 109926_1. *Use at own risk, as always*

News and Patch 109926

Feb 22, 2013

Part 006 and 007 have been replaced with freshly downloaded copies from TB's skydrive. In the patch it looks like the immunities are organized and TB confirms the health is rescaled. No more Chimera with 1300 health; the new maximum is 200. Humans will have 100 as maximum.


Feb 21, 2013

It's here! 109926 was released.


Feb 19, 2013

Youtube - I've setup a Youtube channel. If you like this page, and that I'm hosting files at my expense, then subscribe to my channel.


Feb 16, 2013 is due out this weekend. Keep tabs on TecnoBacon's Skydrive (most recent patches, folder). When it's released I (Grimwald) will get the weapon edits sorted as a matter of priority. I anticipate that it is still going to be likely that the weapon performance will be out-of-whack with shotguns being overpowered.

DB Download Files - UPDATED

Feb 16, 2013

All parts are now available.


Feb 15, 2013

Since Jammer changed the style of his site I've left this style as is. Kind of a weak testament to his initiative in making the Updater. By the way, you ought to get that Updater - it's very useful.


Feb 12, 2013

CrommCruac's textures are the "go to" source for quality. They are used in so many mods I'm sure he's lost count. You can use these to get rid of the dirty, ash-rubbed, look of just about everything in the Zone. I use Absolute Structures in its entirety - yes all of it, Molari. I also use "some" of Absolute Nature as follows:

Copy the textures from the folder: Absolute Nature SoC 2\1_common\gamedata\textures\grnd

To the same folder in the SoC directory. SoC\gamedata\textures\grnd

To get CrommCruac's Absolute textures Download Here

You can also try Lava_Croft's texture mod pack, which is almost the same as above. It is still CrommCruac's Abolute Nature but includes the higher polygon-count trees... here

Jammer's Site

Jan 31, 2013

Jammer's Updates are available here. Find all you need to make managing Stalkersoup an easier task, even for the non-DB version. Also available there are links to all the files you need and some you don't but will want anyway.

Weapons Pack - for 109925

Jan 24, 2013

As listed on Jammer's site:
For all you advanced S.T.A.L.K.E.R.s, Grimwald's Weapons Pack is now available. Many thanks to Grimwald!
It will soon be included in the 'UPDATE Install Package' as an 'option' - STAY TUNED
In the meantime it can be downloaded and installed manually after the Update.
***Use at OWN RISK***

Older Weapons Pack - for 109926 and older

Apr 09, 2013

Older version of Grimwalds Weapons.

Dialog Updates

Jan 24, 2013

Dialog updates are available to get some more coherency than the transliteration that Google translate has provided in the existing files. A single file that replaces the "stable_dialogs_new.xml" which contains the bulk of Stalkersoup quest dialogs. Copy <Soc root>\gamedata\config\text\eng\stable_dialogs_new.xml to a safe location. Then replace with the downloaded file below.
Dialog Update File - Stable Dialogs New XML